F.M. Brown's Sons' Flour Milling Division produces soft winter wheat flour for the snack food industry. Our high quality standards produce a superior product that, over the years, our bakers have come to know and trust.


As we strive to maintain a consistent level of quality and dependable service, you can be assured your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. From the raw wheat, to storage, to milling, to delivery . . . we are dedicated to keeping F.M. Brown's your first choice in quality Soft Wheat Flour.

Flour Milling Operation


At F.M. Brown's Flour Mill, producing high quality soft wheat flour means paying very close attention to details at every step in the flour milling process. Please take a minute and follow our quality process from start to finish.


Step 1: Grain Receiving and Storage

Wheat is received at our mill by both truck and rail delivery year round with the July wheat harvest being our busiest. The majority of the wheat comes from the eastern shore of southern New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The remaining wheat comes locally from eastern Pennsylvania. Each incoming load of wheat, both by truck and rail, is individually sampled and quality tested for moisture, test weight, foreign material, insect infestation and sprout damage. Any load not meeting our quality standards is immediately rejected.

After testing is completed and the quality is acceptable, the wheat is then unloaded in one of our four grain unloading pits. During harvest time any wet wheat (moisture exceeding 13.5%) is transferred to our continuous flow gas drier where it is dried to less than 13.5% moisture for long term storage.

Wheat is then transferred to our 100' Concrete Silos where it is fumigated and then cooled to maintain quality while in long term storage.


    Step 2: Cleaning House